Internetof Things

We integrate connected appliances to help improve efficiency and quality of life. 


Smart home

Light Fixtures

We install cloud-based applications into homes, where you can pre-set the porch light, living room lamp or any other light fixture with the tap of a button. All lights in the house can then be controlled through the use of a mobile phone, regardless of where you are.

Room Management

Every room can be controlled through the mobile phone. This drastically increases efficiency throughout the house, along with quality of life!

Living Room

We provide our customers with high-tech entertainment in the living space which include smart TVs, speakers, cameras and more.

Laundry Room

We provide our customers with a smartphone notification system, such that the clothes can be washed right the first time.


We provide our customers with the ability to control home appliances, turn off the coffee pot, preheat the oven or even start the dishwasher.


With the use of smart thermostats, you can control the temperature of any given room from your mobile phone. Each room is seperate, meaning the temperature can be different in each room.

Connecting Smart Devices

Easily connect smart devices such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa. These devices integrate seamlessly with the rest of the system to bring you full control of the smart devices in the house, all from your mobile phone.

Increase Efficicency

By implementing smart devices into your house, you significantly increase the efficiency of how your house functions, making life much easier.

Instant Alerts

Get instant notifications for things such as washing finishing, motion sensors and front door cameras


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