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Currently in the UK, there has been a generational shift resulting in more homeowners feeling empowered to make changes within their home rather than moving homes. Our business is focused on helping homeowners take a more eco-friendly approach to their renovation improving health and well-being.

Taking advantage of state-of-the-art home tech to make your home more efficient and cheaper to run.

Better Value, Lower Costs.

Ecotech Renovation Company Ltd. is devoted to providing an industry best service, building dream homes of local city clients with a customer focus model ensuring we get it right first time, every time. We use various industry attributes to meet these standards such as technology, to provide our customers with a Virtual Reality solution to view their design in a realistic life-size perspective ruling out any hazards or unwanted dangers from the start of the design. 

Communication is key in every project, we have tested means to ensure that our clients comments and input is noted and followed throughout the various stages of development, to meet our clients budgets, deadlines and requirements. 

We hire qualified and experienced indivuals.

As a company, we are committed to mitigate the effects of global warming by embracing environmentally sustainable aspects into our product design, assembly, distribution and everyday business management. In practical terms, this means using high-quality, energy efficient, and long life products.

Green Industrial Revolution


Ecotech Renovation offer green remodeling on all its projects – namely to use nontoxic building materials, and making spaces and products more energy and water efficient as much as possible. It will also offer homeowners the option to achieve the Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme, to increase the durability of their current property, or increase their home’s sale price in a competitive real estate market. We work with our customers to determine the most cost-effective solutions for achieving their energy efficiency goals.

Trusted and Reliable

Ecotech Renovations Ltd is specialist and innovative Renovation, Maintenance, and Improvement Company in Newcastle, UK is recognized to contribute to the Green industrial revolution planned for the UK. as It will focus on environmentally friendly, smarter living, best designed, and high technological solutions (IOT Connected Devices, Augmented Reality Solutions) for residential renovation & the commercial sector in. The aim of this business is to help provide a significant benefit to the UK homeowners and the UK economy in general – by creating sustainable communities, improving health and wellbeing, generating good economic growth, and helping the environment – all at the same time.

Husam Kashmoola

Ecotech Renovation Company, Director

Why us?

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Our Team

Our core strength lies in the power of our team;

Our workforce. a team of certified and highly trained and experience technicians, plumbers, gardeners, carpenters, a team with excellent qualifications and experience in various niche areas in the home improvement industry.


Experts in Integration

We focus on new and upcoming technologies that we can integrate into our clients home to improve their health and well-being making their lives and homes more efficient. 

Doing so means we can integrate smart home IOT connected devices throughout our renovations.


Competitive Pricing

Sourcing materials locally and using partnerships with our suppliers such as,  Jewson, James Burrell and BuildBase allows us to be very competitive on the price of our renovations. 

Our experienced team can always source and recommend materials that fit into your budget.


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