Shaping a greener future.

Ecotech Renovation Company.

Ecotech Renovation Company Ltd. was established in 2019 with one vision, to become the most high-tech, eco-friendliest remodelling company offering the best design services within the industry.

We are a seamless one-stop-shop for your eco-friendly renovations with modern and sleek designs. 

Tranforming Your Vision, Into Your Home.

Our team have passion in design, we work endlessly to ensure the vision you have in the eco-friendly remodelling of your home is brought into reality. They will help you decide on functionality, styles, materials & colour combinations  to compliment your design while staying within your project budget.

 We use brand new technology called virtual reality. This solution aids us to show you before and after designs of your rooms. Helping you to design your space visually while incorporating your IOT Smart Home Devices, Furniture and Appliances.

Smart Home Integration

We use smart home devices to improve efficiency and quality in your home.

Light Fixtures

Turn lights on and off throughout your home at a press of a button.


Adjusting & optimising the temperature of your home.


Like a coffee in the morning? Relax, knowing it's already made.

Laundry Rooms

Don't waste time when it comes to getting the laundry done, have a notification on your phone when it's finished.

Living Rooms

Smart TVs so you always have something to watch & Smart Speakers so you always have something to listen to.

Eco Friendly Services

We can offer a wide range of services for your eco-friendly refurbishment, take a look at our top services below.

Energy Efficiency

Solar Panel Installation

We can source, design and install your solar solution boosting energy efficiency.

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Air Tightness & Moisture Management

Increasing structural durability and longevity.

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Underfloor Heating

Transferring radiant heat from your floors throughout your home.

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Sustainable Walling Materials

Walls have the biggest effect on a building's overall environmental impact. They are also responsible for most of the heat loss from a house. Ecotech normally consider the breathability of the walls as breathable walls can help to offset the highs and lows of humidity caused by modern living, helping to promote a healthy internal environment. Ecotech   choose to design & build a breathable wall, we must make sure that the moisture is always drawn outwards, not directed inwards into the building! This can be achieved by using different renders on the internal and external walls.

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Natural Insulation

We encourage the use of Natural insulation materials, such as hemp, flax and wool. They have been the most interesting products for low carbon construction, becoming widely recognized for their sustainability. Natural insulation materials often require a greater thickness of insulation in comparison with standard materials in order to achieve the same U-values, but it is a particularly sustainable choice. Due to the hygroscopic nature of the material, the insulation is able to absorb, store and release moisture, naturally controlling condensation levels within the building and improving internal air quality.

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Virtual Reality.

When designing your renovation we can supply you with a VR headset that you can use alongside our app which will allow you to design your space in a true to size environment, giving you the chance to see what it would look like in that exact room.

Another benefit of this solution is you can view the design from different height points, allowing you to see what is accessible as both an adult and a child erasing any unwanted dangers in your design from the start.



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