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All of our services are environment conscious focused on making your home cheaper to run and maintain.

Reduce Home Energy Costs

Since you will be meeting some of your energy needs with the electricity your solar system has generated, your energy bills will drop. How much you save on your bill will be dependent on the size of the solar system and your electricity or heat usage.

We will design your bespoke solar system to maximise sunlight ensuring that you’re home is collecting as much renewable energy as possible to increase your home energy efficiency and lower your electricity and heating bills, making solar panels a cost-effective way to make your home more environment conscious.

Solar Panel Installation

Air Tightness & Moisture Management

Ecotech renovation offers the best moisture management in most critical climate condition.
We adopt the highest standards for energy efficiency, indoor air quality and thermal comfort all year round making a building perfectly airtight and protected against moisture.

Our system prevents uncontrolled airflows, draughts, preventing any damage caused by fungi.

In-Slab Floor Heating

Our underfloor heating solutions utilise any solar water-heating systems you may have to heat pipes within your flooring, providing a cheaper heating solution throughout your home. 

Ecotech design in-slab floor heating solutions that maximise the heat to your home reducing heat-loss and wasted energy. Like any solar energy solution this dramatically lowers the cost of your home running costs.

Underfloor Heating

Sustainable Walling Materials

Walls have the biggest effect on a building’s overall environmental impact. They are also responsible for most of the heat loss from a house.
Ecotech normally consider the breathability of the walls as breathable walls can help to offset the highs and lows of humidity caused by modern living, helping to promote a healthy internal environment.
Ecotech   choose to design & build a breathable wall, we must make sure that the moisture is always drawn outwards, not directed inwards into the building! This can be achieved by using different renders on the internal and external walls.

Trade activity

Ecotech Renovation has strong trading partnership promoting material, equipment, components and systems relating to the environmentally friendly renovation and home improvements including:

IOT components
Building material
Energy supply systems
Modern heating systems
Cleaning material
Health related components and system
Decorative material.


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